Project Management




I will treat every project as though it is my own. You will not find me cutting corners or compromising in efforts to compete any phase of construction.

I will treat your money as though it is my'll find that I am a 'good yankee' when it comes to frugality on the job site. You will not find wasted building materials in the dumpster or being hauled off for use on other projects. You will not find me solely dealing with suppliers/ sub-contractor because they are who I'm used to or comfortable in dealing with. I am always looking for the best value for your money.

We will work as a team. Custom home building is just that; you are getting a custom home. Changes and deviations from the original plans are to be expected and, as the customer, you are entitled to make as many changes as you desire. You are the boss. 

I will work for you until the project is satisfactorily completed. I will not 'disappear' to work on other projects. My sole attention will be on your project.