Continued Investment

Not only in tools and equipment but in education.

Keeping abreast of latest, tools, materials, techniques, and the science of building is so important in this industry. 

I subscribe to, and read, 5-6 trade magazines monthly. I attend trainings and trade shows in addition to regularly participating in discussions with some of the most knowledgable people in the Building Science field. This investment makes me a more valuable to my clients and their projects. 

Not only do we utilize dust collection systems on our tools. We also employ HEPA air scrubbers on our jobs sites. We are not just concerned about potential exposure to lead for ourselves and our clients and their families; we know that exposure, to many products used in the building/ remodeling trades, presents significant health hazard/ risk. We go above and beyond, industry standard, to keep our sites as safe as possible. 

It's me: Andrew Chalmers. 

I have spent my life in the construction field.

Growing up in and working on restoring colonial era homes I learned to appreciate attention to detail and fine craftsmanship.

In my youth I apprenticed with a, phenomenal, 'yankee carpenter' then worked with a cabinetmaker prior to/ during my years in college.

Following college I ran a carpentry business for more than a decade when I was offered the opportunity to work as a Contractor Sales Representative for one of New Englands largest retail lumber yards. It was during this time that I honed my product knowledge and learned about how the retail lumber and millwork markets functioned.

After my time as a Contractor Sales Representative I was asked if I would join The Valley's largest residential and commercial construction firm. I served as the Project Manager and Estimator. Here I learned more about business and managing manpower.

Looking for new challenges; I was hired by a local technical services/ engineering firm. With this firm I became a ICC Certified Building Inspector and State Certified Inspector. I provided inspection services for local municipalities, project over-sight and construction project administration, in addition to providing inspection services for both residential and commercial properties. At Christmas time, in 2009, I was laid-off.

I immediately formed Chalmers Building Services and continued to provide the same Inspection and Project Management services offered by my previous employer. The Project Management portion of my business continued to grow. I began to focus more on construction over-sight and less on inspection. This has led me back to my roots. I am currently managing construction projects in a hands-on manner. Taking owners dreams through the entire process to fruition; site and project evaluation, design and planning through construction and move in. 

Who is Chalmers Building Services?

Andrew Chalmers Building Services is EPA certified firm.

Not only does this allow us to perform work on pre-1970's homes it should give clients piece of mind knowing that we approach projects in a professional manner. Which includes using job site protection; dust barriers and collection to keep your home, and family safe.



Project Management